EMM Evolvement

EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management is the complex of tools, processes, policies and technologies used for mobile devices management and maintenance within an organization. In other words, EMM is a developing trend for organizations or corporations facilitating use of mobiles devices in daily business activities. MDM software is often associated with additional security features and tools and is tasked to create overall security and mobile device EMM solution.

Mobile Application Management employs policy control and management features towards individual apps under EMM console management. This capacity is a must in case an operating system of a mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) can’t provide the required level of the management capability or if an organization doesn’t want to install MDM profiles on employees’ devices.

What is Mobile Device Management and EMM Evolvement?

The vision of mobile devices use by employees has been changed a lot throughout the past few years. Nowadays, if we take a closer look […]

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