How to Bypass MDM Lock from iPhone & iPad

Please use this guide to bypass MDM Lock and remove iOS MDM Configuration Profile from iPhone, iPad using iActivate tool.

Note: Find My iPhone must be turned OFF.

Step 1: Order MDM Bypass Service.

Step 2: After getting instruction please download iActivate app for Windows or Mac OS

Step 3: MDM Locked Device must be turned ON.

Step 4: Connect device to Windows PC or MAC and allow iTunes to detect it. Click “Trust This Computer” on the device (if required).

Step 5: Install and Run iActivate MDM Bypass Software. You will see details of your device like IMEI, Serial and UDID, iOS version. This means that our soft successfully detected your device.

iactivate 5.0 bypass MDM software

Step 6: Click on Start MDM Bypass.

Step 7: Wait until device reboots and activate it using WiFi.

Video Guide: How to Bypass MDM by using iActivate Software

What to do if iTunes does not detect device or saying that its Supervised by another computer?

Step 1: Open iTunes and restore your device using DFU mode. A valid SIM card must be inserted into device during the restore and activation process.

Step 2: Activate your device using iTunes. Once you see “Welcome to Your New iPhone message” click on “Set up as new iPhone” button. Now you can close iTunes.

Step 3: Launch iActivate tool after restoring process and click on Start button.

Step 4: Continue setup instructions on device using WIFI or 4G. Congratulations now your device don’t have MDM profile installed. You may close iActivate tool now.



Step 5 (recommended): after completing the MDM removing process please login to your Apple ID and download all your apps linked to that Apple ID. Then just make a backup of bypassed device with downloaded applications via iTunes. So in case of relocking back to MDM you will be able to restore from that backup and without MDM profile on it but with all your applications and settings.


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