Bypass (remove) MDM Profile from MacBook Pro / Air

Enjoy distant removal - bypasing of MDM profile and Device Management from any MacBook Pro/Air devices with M1/T2 security processors with user-friendly tool. Device Management removal frees you from all restrictions set on a Mac computer by a corporate profile. With a single click and without an MDM key, you can remove the administrative control on a compatible device!

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Download MacOS MDM Bypass Software
for Mac computer

Remove a Macbook from MDM (Mobile Device Management) Manage with iActivate Service: Guide for Apple MacBook Air/Pro

Rely on iActivate service to get rid of an MDM enrollment profile on your computer (MacBook Air/Pro or a different macOS device with T2/M1 CPU). This service is extremely simple and friendly. It requires no special knowledge, skills, or equipment. It requires no user name, passcode, or MDM key. It is straightforward and super fast.

All you need is the most recent version of Big Sur or Monterey on your Mac.

Notice! To enjoy a smooth removal process, please first turn off Find My Mac on a computer with a Device Management profile and then run our software.

MacBook Pro Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99
MacBook Air Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99
Mac Mini Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99
iMac Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99
iMac Pro Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99
Mac Pro Apple M1 & T2 (Intel) $29.99

Preparing for Software Installation

It is necessary to prepare your locked Mac device for MDM profile removal. Only a prepared computer can get rid of remote management.

Important! Please ensure you have backed up all your important files and other data (if you feel it is best to use an external drive, do so) BEFORE you run iActivate Mobile Device Management bypass.

Removal of an MDM enrollment profile via iActivate is simple when you follow a few steps. Here is how you can disable the device enrollment on your locked macOS device:

  1. You should start your device (MacBook Air/Pro or a different supported Apple computer) using Recovery Mode. Depending on your model, you should:
  2. M1 silicon processor: Long-press the computer's power button and don't let it go till the startup options appear.

    Intel processor: Press the power button and then at once long-press the Command (⌘)-R: keys to restart/start the computer. Do so till you succeed.

  3. It is a must to erase and reformat your storage device (please note that everything will be deleted on it) in the Disk Utility macOS app. Here are official instructions:
  4. After erasing the storage gadget, you should reinstall your operating system. Use these instructions to reinstall macOS in Recovery Mode:
  5. As you install macOS, the computer should restart showing you the Apple logotype plus the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. At this point, it is a must to turn off your router to not let your computer auto-connect to Wi-Fi or Internet. Now just be patient waiting for the macOS installation to be done.
  6. It is time to set up your Mac. Just don't use any Internet or WiFi connection. Instead, choose "Select a Wi-Fi network" - "Other network settings" and you will be able to check the feature that your "Mac does not connect to the Internet." Move on to the next step after finishing the setup.
  7. You need to turn off SIP options on a Mac. Firstly, start the computer using Recovery Mode (do as Step 1 suggests). Secondly, when you see the "macOS Utilities" window, you will have to pull down "Utilities" from the top and select "Terminal" to start this app. While still in the Recovery Mode, enter this Terminal command:
  8. -bash-3.2# csrutil disable
    Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection. Please restart the machine for the changes to take effect.
    -bash-3.2# reboot

    Once you enter the commands, the computer should reboot automatically.

MacBook MDM Bypass: Install Software

Follow the simple steps to download and install the MDM bypass software.

Once you have prepared for using iActivate to remove Device Management and MDM profile from your MacBook Pro/Air, you should get the software.

So, use the official link to download iActivate and install this MDM Removal Software on a locked macOS computer. Launch the program after getting it and press "Start" to let it check if your Mac is compatible. This is a quick process.

Why does the "Software .pkg" not open?

Apple protects its users on all devices, including macOS computers. Whenever someone wants to open an application created by an unidentified developer, the Apple device will show you a warning message. However, this warning does not necessarily mean that there are issues with the app. You can read Apple's official page about opening macOS apps from developers not registered with the company and learn how to run the iActivate Software on your computer.

Begin to install the software.

Allow the installation process.

Finish installing the tool.

The Macbook MDM bypass software boats many advantages. It is simple, user-friendly, and can remove Device Management in 1-2 minutes. But before you can enjoy these benefits, you should open the tool. There are two ways to launch the iActivate service:

  1. Press the software icon;
  2. Press the Launchpad icon on your Dock - then press the software icon.

Macbook MDM Bypass Eligibility: Check

Ensure that your Mac is eligible for Device Management bypass

Launch the software. Then press "Start" so that it can begin checking your computer for MDM bypass compatibility. This procedure is simple and fast, but you should wait for it to be done. Users whose Mac is supported by the tool will see a redirection to the web page where you can order the Device Management bypass service.

Every customer who places an order also has their Mac serial number recorded by the iActivate database. Then your last step would be to run the software and remove the MDM profile from your computer.

Users whose Mac is not supported by the software will be informed about it. The tool will also prompt you to complete some steps to solve the problem and get rid of Device Management.

Software License: Order

Place your order and pay to receive a lifetime license

You can pay for your order using different payment methods, including credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Z3X credits, and Cryptocurrency. As soon as the payment clears, the computer's serial number is listed permanently in the iActivate database. It means that you are ready to run the MDM profile bypass software to remove the Device Management from a compatible Apple computer distantly.

Your order is also your lifetime license per computer which serial number is added to the software database. This license allows you to reuse the service as often as needed free of cost in case you reset your computer to factory settings.

Macbook MDM Bypass: Run Tool

Use Device Management removal service to bypass MDM enrollment profile on your MacBook Pro/Air

Once you have ordered the service and paid for it, you will see the "Start" button activated. It means that your Mac's serial number has been successfully added to the iActivate database and you can run the software.

Stay patient while the tool is working. In a short while, it will inform you that it has successfully removed Mac Device Management and bypassed the MDM profile.

Congratulations! Your Apple computer no longer has a distant corporate control or MDM profile. The Mac is free from Remote Management and functions like new.

Apple MDM - DEP Check Tool

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