Apple DEP Program & MDM in Health Industry

Apple devices are widely used in healthcare industry, letting medical organizations to offer personalized care to their patients in the USA and in many other countries across the world. Over 40,000 professional applications help with measurements, medical research, nursing care, tracking and studies. They can be seamlessly installed and configured automatically on multiple MDM-gadgets at once through DEP enrollment.

iActivate software can bypass remote management (MDM) on Apple devices enrolled in DEP program in health industry. It works with all iOS versions and on all GSM and WiFi iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. It can remove all the restrictions set by management configuration profile and let you use the supervised iDevice with no issues.

Health Industry & Apple DEP
Apple Device Enrollment Program in Health Industry

How does health industry supervise corporate-owned Apple devices?

The popular DEP (Device Enrollment Program) makes it extremely easy to automate MDM enrollment on all supervised iOS devices within a hospital or medical organization. This way each activated gadget is instantly configured with healthcare applications, corporate account settings and other setup features.

With DEP program and MDM lock, healthcare industry can distantly configure software, settings, access to medical organization directory on each supervised iPhone and iPad. There are many advantages in using MDM devices in medicine:

  • Doctors and nurses can deliver personalized care to each patient
  • Thousands of medical apps meet with modern demand in healthcare industry
  • Healthcare professionals can easily access patient’s health data to take the best decision
  • Patients can use comprehensible applications to read about treatments and medical conditions
  • All doctor-patient communication on MDM devices is securely protected
  • Apple Retina display allow taking professional photographs of wounds and patients
MDM Unlock / Bypass / iActivate Software

Apple DEP program deployed in health industry solves a big number of tasks. It offers safety and only authorized usage to both patients and doctors. It delivers thousands of ready-to-use and customized medical apps and tools for medical organizations and hospitals.

This is possible thanks to mobile device management (MDM) profile installed on each DEP device.

Configuration Profile & Supervised Mode

Mobile Device Management (MDM) on Apple devices in health industry: restrictions

DEP solution is used in healthcare industry to help hospitals and medical companies supervise corporate-owned iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices over the air. This management method provides the company’s administration with the power to add restrictions to each supervised device:

  • Administrator can distantly load and change corporate account settings on iDevice
  • Administrator can remotely install and remove healthcare applications
  • The hospital or medical organization can distantly access its directories on every corporate gadget
  • All the setup can be performed distantly with no need to physically access each iPhone and iPad

Many people leave hospital and medical organizations still owning their corporate iDevice. Since it is supervised, the organization can still control it distantly, access it remotely and apply unnecessary changes. The new owner of the MDM-locked gadget is limited in the functions, services, settings and apps unless you can remove the MDM profile.

iActivate tool is designed to bypass remote management on corporate-owned iPhone, iPad. This is the only method to get rid of all the restrictions without contacting the medical organization or hospital. After MDM bypass, you will enjoy numerous features:

  • Customization of all iOS configurations
  • Ability to allow and remove apps, books, games, podcasts
  • Modification of the account
  • Access to all settings
  • Full control over the bypassed MDM device
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How it Works?
How to Remove Management Profile on Corporate-Owned iPhone, iPad with iActivate

We created iActivate software in 2016. Since then, it has helped thousands of people from all over the world to bypass MDM profile on corporate-owned iDevices.

iActivate MDM bypass is a one-click program that works on Windows and Mac computers and successfully removes limits set up by mobile device management profile on iPhone and iPad supervised in healthcare industry.

Supported devices:

  • All iPhone, iPad, iPod touch models
  • All iOS versions
  • Only MDM locked corporate devices

Using iActivate tool on corporate iOS gadgets offers many benefits:

  • iDevice without configuration profile on it
  • iPhone or iPad with no MDM lock on it
  • Successful iDevice activation with no MDM-lock screen on it

How to Use iActivate Software

The user-friendly iActivate tool is quick and stress-free to use. You need no IT or special knowledge when you wish to bypass remote management profile on corporate-owned iPhone or iPad. Everything is done the easy way:

  • Step 1. Download the right version of iActivate software (for Windows computer or Mac OS).
  • Step 2. Install the program.
  • Step 3. Launch iActivate tool and do as advised by on-screen instructions.
  • Step 4. Press on the button ‘Bypass MDM’ and give it a couple of minutes to bypass MDM profile on your iOS gadget.

The process is very intuitive and quick. It removes MDM / DEP profile from iOS device settings, and the medical organization or hospital that employed your iPhone or iPad will not even know about these changes.

Verification of MDM iDevice

iActivate software can only remove management profile on corporate-owned iPhone and iPad. Before using this program, you need to verify whether your iOS device is MDM locked or not.

You have an MDM device if:

  • You are asked to enter corporate login credentials when trying to activate your device
  • You see a message ‘Hospital (name) will configure this device automatically’
  • There is a message about your device being a corporate iPhone or iPad
  • You see a message about administrator being able to distantly manage your iOS device
  • You go to Settings and find an additional MDM profile section there
  • You see a message about remote management being able to configure your iDevice settings

Any of the message above or similar messages prove that your iOS gadget is enrolled into mobile device management in healthcare industry through Apple DEP program. iActivate tool lets you gain full control over your iPhone, iPad settings and configurations without any distant management from the company that enrolled this device into DEP.

P.S. iActivate MDM bypass does not support iDevices with iCloud lock, so, please, do not mistaken iCloud lock with MDM profile lock. In addition, this program works only on activated iPhone and iPad.


Order iActivate MDM bypassing service NOW and become UNLOCKED within minutes!

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Our FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Does your tool remove MDM lock permanently or is it a bypass only?

iActivate is a bypass service. It can remove MDM airline company profile from your iPhone or iPad, however not from Apple server.

Will MDM profile return in the future?

It can. However, if this happens you can launch iActivate program and bypass MDM profile again (for free).

Do you offer a discount for unlocking more than one MDM device?

Absolutely! We have special discounts for bulk orders.

How long does it take to remove MDM profile with iActivate?

The process is completely automated, and it takes only several minutes from iActivate installation to MDM bypass.

Will I be able to update iOS after MDM bypass?

Absolutely! You are advised to try Over-the-Air update directly on your device. If you use iTunes, there is a risk of relocking. In this case you will need to use iActivate again (for free)!

Can I upgrade iOS version after MDM bypass?

Of course, you can. It is better to install iOS updates over-the-air right on your iPhone or iPad. Using iTunes can return MDM lock, but if it happens you can run iActivate once again (at no additional cost)..

Do you offer Customer Support?

Our Customer Care is here 24/7 to help you with MDM bypass.

Is it free to use iActivate and bypass remote management on medical organization or hospital corporate-owned iDevices?

The bypass service is not free, but it is affordable and offers multiple benefits for your iPhone and iPad.

Does iActivate tool bypass iCloud lock?

No, it does not. Please do not mistaken iCloud lock with MDM / DEP profile lock. These are two different terms.

How would I know how to use your mobile device management bypass tool?

When you launch iActivate on your computer, you will see on-screen guides you can follow to easily remove MDM profile from medical organization or hospital iDevice.

What happens if I pay for the service, but it doesn’t remove MDM profile from my iPhone?

iActivate supports ALL iPhone models and all iOS versions. It guarantees MDM bypass on activated medical organization or hospital devices with MDM profile only. Our Support Team is always here to help you.

Will the hospital know I have removed MDM profile from my medical or hospital corporate device?

No, it will know nothing. iActivate tool only removes MDM lock from your iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t remove it from Apple server.

Businesses around the world are using Apple DEP & Supervised Mode

iActivate Software is bypass solution for Supervised Apple MDM Devices

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