Apple DEP Program & MDM profile restrictions in Education institution: School, University or College

Modern schools and universities from the U.S. and over 60 other countries are fond of Apple DEP (device enrollment program) and actively deploy Apple devices to simplify the studying process for both teachers and students. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as other Apple gadgets (TVs and computers) significantly reduce expensive paperwork, optimize educational process through apps and settings as well as improve the teacher – pupil relationship. Apple’s Device Enrollment Program is now common in Education (school + university) sphere.

All ADP gadgets are user-friendly and offer intuitive tools to nearly 6,000 institutions from all over the world. Apple MDM solution is powered by a specially designed training website with numerous education features, applications and unique tools offered to supervised devices. All these gadgets, however, are limited in functions by MDM Setup Assistant and settings.

iActivate MDM solution is used to remove MDM restrictions on corporate-owned device in schools and universities. Our solution is perfect for all devices used in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. It supports different iOS versions and can bypass remote management and remove ALL restrictions set on the iPhone or iPad by the educational institution.

How do educational institutions configure Apple devices and set up the supervision mode?

It is easy to configure Apple devices (all at once) through MDM Setup Assistant. In other words, any school and university that deploys iPhone / iPad in their educational system can lock up all the supervised Apple devices and manage them through over-the-air supervision. Such wireless management helps installing educational books, applications and other tools within seconds and without the need to touch each device, set it up and control manually. All the configurations and settings are performed distantly through MDM Setup Assistant and ADP.

Besides locking up every device under supervise mode through the user-friendly Apple School Manager web-portal, Device Enrollment Program also offers a big number of benefits to teachers and students:

  • Teachers can securely store their notes, bookmarks, documents, calendars and other files in iCloud
  • Educational institutions can reduce costly paperwork and replace all the documents with configured iPhone / iPad
  • Students can easily access the Photo Library, schoolwork, iCloud Drive and shared devices through the managed Apple IDs
  • All the school information is kept private and secure
  • It is easy to record and analyze each student’s progress at different stages of studies
  • Schools and universities control which apps to enable / disable, which programs to allow / restrict
  • All the data is automatically backed up, so each student can continue his or her work exactly where it was left during the previous login session
  • Thousands of professional education apps, books and tools let teachers choose the right learning materials for their students

All the restrictions set when devices are supervised are fully controlled by the educational institution administration. DEP device management and MDM solution optimizes and improves studies at school / university and brings education to a brand new level.

MDM bypass school iPad

Restrictions When iPad or iPhone Are Supervised by School, University or College

Over-the-air supervision on iPhone / iPad in education

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program is used by educational institutions to optimize and improve education process, replace paperwork with supervised devices, offer students and teachers one place to access all their files and studying materials and easily control all the iOS devices under one DEP account.

Remote management provides full over-the-air control over every Apple device with MDM profile on it. Lockable and limited corporate-owned devices are supervised by school / university administrations that can add and remove limitations distantly:

  • EP device management provides distant access to each iOS MDM account settings
  • MDM Setup Assistant offers intuitive installation / removing of education applications and books
  • Over-the-air supervision offers remote access to each corporate-owned device profile
  • Apple devices configurations are wirelessly controlled and customizable by administrators

Teachers and staff members who leave their school or university but still own a corporate-owned device (iPad / iPhone) supervised through MDM account have no control over such a gadget. Over-the-air supervision lets the school or university fully access and add changes to the settings of the ADP devices. There is no other way to delete such restrictions except you will order a remote MDM bypass service.

iActivate software can bypass remote management (MDM) on Apple devices and help you get rid of educational supervision through ADP. The bypass tool is a quick, principal and trustworthy solution for all teachers who would like to enjoy their corporate Apple device to the fullest:

  • Through full access to all iPhone / iPad configurations
  • By being able to add and delete any iOS books, games and applications
  • By modifying Apple account on the iPhone / iPad
  • Through access to all iOS settings
  • With no more MDM limitations on the device
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How to Bypass Remote Management on school, college or university iPhone or iPad?

iActivate tool that removes restrictions when devices are supervised, was created in 2016. For the last two years, it was used by many teachers who managed to easily bypass remote management (MDM) on Apple devices and get rid of ADP / DEP restrictions.

Our MDM bypass solution is a one-click program that can run on all Windows and Mac OS computers. iActivate software can easily bypass remote management on iPhone or iPad supervised by schools and universities in the U.S. and educational institutions from all over the world.

Using iActivate tool, you can get rid of over-the-air supervision and get full access to your iDevice settings, profile and configure it how you want.

Supported MDM devices in Education institutions:

  • Any iPad / iPhone model
  • Any version of iOS
  • All supervised and activated devices with MDM profile

List of Apple Devices iActivate software supports:

  • It becomes impossible to distantly configure Apple devices by school / university
  • Educational institutions cannot remotely manage your iPhone or iPad
  • Only you get full control over your gadget

How to Guide:remove MDM restrictions profile from iPod or iPhone supervised by education institutions

It is easy to bypass supervised mode (MDM) on Apple DEP devices using iActivate software, which requires no additional skills or assistances. You just need to download and run iActivate tool and use it to bypass over-the-air supervision on any supported MDM device.

Here is how to remove restrictions on iPhone / iPad supervised by school or university:

  • Step 1. Get Windows PC or Mac OS type of iActivate tool from our website.
  • Step 2. Once the program is downloaded, you need to install it.
  • Step 3. Run iActivate tool and click on the button just as advised by the on-screen guide.
  • Step 4. Choose ‘Bypass MDM’ option and wait until iActivate removes your iPhone or iPad from Apple’s device enrollment program (on your device only, not on Apple’s servers).

iActivate software removes restrictions set up on corporate-owned devices, and your school, university or other educational institution will have no idea your iPhone or iPad is no longer supervised by them.

How Do I Know My Device Is Under Over-the-air Supervision?

It is only possible to use iActivate MDM bypass on MDM devices, so you are highly advised to double check that your iPhone or iPad is deployed through Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Do this BEFORE you order remote management bypass service from us.

You have DEP device management if:

  • You are asked for the corporate login credentials to activate iOS device
  • There is an on-screen message "School / university (name) will configure this device automaticall"
  • You can read that you have a corporate device right on its screen
  • You see a message about distant management used on your Apple gadget
  • When you go to your iDevice Settings, you can find device management profile there
  • The on-screen message warns you about school administrator being able to distantly configure your iPhone / iPad settings

When you are sure about Apple DEP / MDM profile used on your iOS device, you can easily order iActivate MDM bypass and remove all the restrictions set up by your school or university to improve educational processes. You’ll be able to control, adjust and manage your corporate-owned Apple device, its settings, profile, account and all the features. The educational institution that supervised your gadget will not be able to distantly manage its settings from now on.

P.S. Remote Management (MDM) bypass on Apple devices is not the same as iCloud lock bypass. You should not order iActivate bypass if you need to remove iCloud lock, because iActivate tool only works with over-the-air supervision set by MDM / DEP profile.


Order remote management (MDM) bypass NOW! It is like a breeze with the user-friendly, safe and fast iActivate tool!

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Our FAQs
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Can I remove iPad from Apple’s DEP forever or is it only a bypass?

iActivate tool can only bypass MDM profile on your iPad. It cannot delete your device from DEP account on Apple server.

Do you offer a discount if I place more than 1 order?

Absolutely! You can enjoy great discounts on bulk orders.

Can DEP supervision return on my device after MDM bypass?

Unfortunately, it can happen after iOS update. If your device gets MDM profile back, you can use iActivate and remove it again (for free).

Is remote management bypass quickly performed or do I have to wait for a couple of days / weeks?

iActivate tool offers MDM bypass within a couple of minutes. There is no need to wait, just order the service, download and use the program right away.

I have removed MDM profile on a corporate-owned device. Can I install newer iOS versions now?

It is possible to update your iOS version after MDM bypass, but you are advised to use over-the-air update feature instead of iTunes. In case MDM profile is back after such an update, you can run iActivate tool at no additional cost and bypass all the restrictions again.

Can I run iActivate for free?

iActivate MDM bypass is an affordable service, but you cannot use it for free.

Is MDM profile difficult to remove?

No, everything is very easy. You need to launch iActivate program on your computer and follow on-screen instructions, and MDM profile will be automatically bypassed.

How can I be sure there will be no MDM profile after using iActivate?

Our iActivate MDM bypass solution guarantees successful bypass on all eligible iOS devices. Our Customer Support is happy to answer all your questions 24/7.

Will school know that I removed MDM profile on the iPad?

No, your school or university will not know this information, because iActivate program bypasses MDM profile only on your iPad, not on Apple servers.

I have many questions. Can you help me?

Our Customer Support is available 24/7. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have regarding our MDM bypass service.

Can I use your service if I have no MDM profile?

No, iActivate tool is developed to work on MDM devices only. It cannot be used on iPhone / iPad / iPod that is not a part of DEP device management / MDM program.

Businesses around the world are using Apple DEP & Supervised Mode

iActivate Software is bypass solution for Supervised Apple MDM Devices

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