2 Ways to Remove iOS Configuration Profiles from iPhone and iPad

A lot of users purchase a used Apple phone or tablet device or computer. The ‘fruit’ gadgets are extra popular in many countries across the world so it is completely understood why used iPhone and iPad models are successfully resold online. When it comes to previously owned iDevices, you should understand what Apple Configuration Profile is and how you can remove such profiles from your device.

Why is it so important to delete configuration profiles on iPad and iPhone? What does this profile mean in the first place? Is it possible to use the gadgets without removing restrict configuration profile or not? Let’s answer these questions.

How to Remove Configuration Profiles on iOS Devices

Apple Configuration Profile

Each configuration profile is responsible for distributing configuration data. It looks like an XML file and makes it possible to work with multiple iDevices at once. Configuration profiles are mostly used by MDM software to let IT administrators configure several gadgets or a huge number of corporate iPhone and iPad devices at the same time.

Configuration profiles allow adding changes to certificates, customize settings, add network adjustments, work with settings for VPN, email servers, add restrictions on gadget usage etc.
Such profiles can be deployed in several ways:

  • through email
  • on a site
  • using Apple Configurator 2 or Device Enrollment Program
  • via over-the-air configuration
  • via MDM server

Is it possible to remove Apple configuration profiles on MDM devices? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Delete Configuration Profile on iPad

How to Remove Configuration Profiles from iPhone and iPad

Before you learn how to delete Apple configurator profile from any iDevice, let’s see how you can be sure such a profile is installed on your gadget.

For example, you purchase a used iPhone or iPad (or Mac). Take a look at the screen and settings. Is there that additional icon called ‘Profiles’ in your System Preferences or not? If you see such an icon it means that your device is under control and can be distantly wiped by the organization that installed the profile on it.

Can you remove restrict configuration profile by restoring the system, updating to newer iOS version or wiping the gadget? The answer is NO. When you boot the phone or tablet device, reinstall the mobile operating system, restore – you will still see the message stating that your iDevice will be automatically configured by the company it used to belong to. In other words, such methods as device restore, iOS update do not work.

Things to do before you remove a configuration profile:

  • contact the reseller from who you got your iPhone or iPad with configuration profile on it
  • ask the company to delete your configuration profile if you are using your corporate device legally and leaving the corporation
  • ask the firm that sold the used gadget to you to unregister the device’s serial number from DEP
  • make sure your used iDevice is not stolen or reported as lost

Every phone that keeps picking the configuration profile can be distantly erased or blocked by the company that enrolled it into Apple Deployment program. This means you should take care of your iDevice before the company makes your personal gadget a brick. It is still possible to remove your gadget from the Enrollment program, at least temporary.

Best Method to Delete Apple Configuration Profile

This is the easiest way to remove restrict configuration profile on any iPhone and iPad is to contact your IT department and ask them to delete your corporate device from the deploy software system.

If you need to delete configuration profiles that belong to different apps you are using, here is what you should do:

Step 1. Launch Settings on iPad or iPhone.

Step 2. Select General menu.

Step 3. Go to Profiles & Device Management menu.

How to Remove App Configuration Profiles on iOS

Step 4. Select the configuration profile you wish to remove. You should do this if you have already deleted the application that had this profile.

Step 5. Choose Delete Profile option.

Confirm to Delete Configuration Profile on iOS App

Step 6. You might be asked to enter the password. Do so.

Step 7. Click on Delete again and the profile will be removed. All its accounts and setting will also disappear from your iOS gadget.

Step 8. Restart the phone or tablet device.

The guide above is perfect for users who are testing different iOS apps and games and need to remove their configuration profiles after deleting the applications. But this method doesn’t work for you if your iPhone or iPad is supervised by the company and has MDM configuration profile installed on it.

Remove or Bypass iPhone iPad Configuration Profiles

Run iActivate.host to Delete Configuration Profile

There is no way how you can permanently remove configuration profile on your iPhone or iPad if it is supervised by another organization unless the company makes it for you. But there is a way how to temporary bypass this profile with iActivate.host.

The service only works with Apple devices with MDM profile installed on them. You can bypass this configuration profile at any time of the day. Just make sure you have MDM lock in the first place. Here is how the whole thing works:

Step 1. Make sure you have MDM configuration profile installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Provide the IMEI number of your device to use iActivate.host.

Step 3. Download the program.

Step 4. Connect your iDevice to your computer.

Step 5. Run the server together with your iTunes on computer.

Step 6. Activate the phone or tablet device. Activation is done thanks to iActivate.host and this is a temporary bypass.

You are advised to backup your iPhone or iPad (via iTunes or iCloud) right after you have bypassed the configuration profile. This way you’ll have a backup copy saved on your computer to use in the future. Since the profile is not completely removed but only bypassed, it will appear again after you restore the device or install newer iOS version on it.

You can always restore from this backup to bypass configuration profile again without using the additional tools.

Now you know that you cannot delete Apple configurator profile if the company that installed it doesn’t want to help you out. But you can bypass this profile at any time with the help of iActivate.host server which is safe and fast to do.


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