How to Remove Remote Management from iPhone?

The step-by-step tutorial describes how to remove Remote Management (MDM profile) from iPhone. Any version of iOS and iPhone is supported!

How to Remove Remote Management from iPhone?
How to Remove Remote Management from iPhone?

If you faced the Remote Management lock issue and don’t know what it is about, this post will give you a clear-cut idea of what MDM is and how to deal with it.

What is Remote Management or MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management and is a tool providing Remote Management over mobile devices enrolled in MDM programs. As a rule, organizations and businesses of various types and sizes use MDM software to establish control over devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets involved in their activities.

What is Remote Management or MDM?

Remote Management monitors manage and secure mobile devices used in daily company’s activities and grants access to sensitive data.

This kind of software became an essential part of the daily activities of a large number of enterprises, corporations, schools, hospitals, retailers, etc. Wherever you go, look around and you’ll see mobile devices literally everywhere: coffee shops, restaurants, stores, hospitals, and so on. Therefore, no wonder that businesses of all shapes and sizes keep on turning to mobile device management aiming to increase their efficiency, enhance data security, and make the workflow as smooth and seamless as possible.

Remote Management software available in the market

There is a wide range of Remove Management software available in the market. Each company, whether it is a large international corporation, retailing network, or whatever can find the software that meets their needs the best. Each software has some special features to offer their customers, but they all have some common features.

Remove Management software is used by IT departments or admins and allows them to monitor, manage, and secure mobile devices involved in the business activities, both corporate-owned and personal ones. This way, Remove Management Software makes it possible to manage and monitor a large number of devices remotely, install or uninstall apps, updates, control devices usage, access to corporate data, and even erase or lock devices remotely in case they are reported as misplaced or stolen to prevent sensitive information leakage.

How Remote Management Works?

Mobile Device Management is based on a client-server architecture. Mobile devices act as clients and MDM servers remotely push policies, apps, and configurations that manage the devices enrolled in a program using over-the-air (OTA) technology. This provides remote management allowing IT admins to remotely manage laptops, mobile phones, and tablets via the MDM server.

 How Remote Management Works?
How Remote Management Works?

Remote Management profile is a part of an MDM software installed directly on a mobile device. This is exactly what allows admins to remotely manage settings via the internet. If a Remote Management profile is installed on an iPhone, iPad, or laptop, the device is MDM locked and controlled by the organization which is, or was, the owner of the device. MDM profiles can be removed from the device by the company’s IT admin.

What to Do If Your iPhone is Remote Management Locked?

The best way to remove remote management from the iPhone is turning to the IT department of the company which installed the MDM profile on the device. However, this is not an option in most cases, especially if you bought a used iPhone and it turned out to have a Remote Management profile.

The good news is that iActivate Software was designed for cases like this. It will bypass the remote management lock screen on any iPhone model running any iOS version, including iOS 14.2!

Remote Management Activation Screen & iActivate Software

If you need to remove Remote Management Control from your iPhone in 1 click, MDM Bypass Software by iActivate is the perfect solution for you. iActivate Software supports all iPhone models and iOS versions which makes it a universal tool capable to instantly remove remote management from iPhone.

The main advantages of the iActivate software are:

  • iOS remote management configuration profile removal from any iPhone & iPad in 1 click;
  • Remote Management Configuration Profile removal from settings;
  • Remote Management turning off on iPhone and iPad along with the removal of all iOS restrictions imposed by Remote Management iOS Profile;
  • Remote Management Authentication Screen bypass during the service activation;
  • 100% corporate supervision over you devise removal;    
  • Free software updates available after iOS updates release!

Once the remote management profile is removed from your device, it becomes MDM unlocked you can use all its features without any restrictions.

iActivate Software is very easy to use to remove remote management control from iPhone. All you are required to do is download it on your Mac or Windows computer and run it. The software will remove the remote management activation screen from the iPhone and you can start using it right away.

How Do I Know My iPhone Actually has Remote Management Lock?

Your device is definitely Remote Managment locked if you can’t skip the screen asking you to enter Login and Password during the activation process.

How Do I Know My iPhone Actually has Remote Management Lock?
How Do I Know My iPhone Actually has Remote Management Lock?

You’ll see a message saying something like the examples below:

  • “Company Name” will automatically configure your iPhone;
  • Please enter your Credentials to authenticate your device;
  • This is a corporate device. If you are not an authorized employee or contractor, please contact and provide the serial number of your device;
  • Remote management enables the administrator of “Company Name” to set up email and network accounts, install and configure apps and manage this iPhone’s settings;

The messages displayed on your iPhone’s screen may vary but they say the same thing – your iPhone is supervised and controlled. In other words, your iPhone is enrolled in the Remote Management program using Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program). Therefore, you need to know how to remove remote management from iPhone with iActivate Software to be able to use all the features and settings of your iPhone without any supervision.

How to Use iActivate Software to remove Remote Management from iPhone?

How to Use iActivate Software to remove Remote Management from iPhone?

The iActivate team made the MDM Bypass Software very easy to use for anyone. It will remove the remote management activation screen in 1 click as the software is ready to work right away after you download it.

You are just three simple steps away from restrictions and Remote Management lock-free iPhone. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to remove Mobile Device Management from iPhone:

  • Step 1.     Download iActivate on your Mac or PC
  • Step 2.     Install and run the software
  • Step 3.     Follow the on-screen guide, click on the “Remove Remote Management ” button and wait for remote management control removal.

Remove Remote Management lock from your iPhone with iActivate and enjoy your iPhone with no restrictions or supervision!


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