Automate obtaining of Apple’s Official Report via GSX

iGSX Software is a brand new and unique product in the market. It was developed with purpose of automation of Apple GSX Report result obtaining by using Apple device IMEI or Serial Number.

iGSX Software offers its customers a powerful solution allowing to automate obtaining of Apple’s official check via GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) account (SSA) using a device’s IMEI or Serial Number.

iGSX Software | Automate Apple GSX Report Retrieval
iGSX Software | Automate Apple GSX Report Retrieval Process

GSX report provides detailed information on any Apple device. It includes activation policy, Sold To, Warranty and diagnostics, carrier’s blocking status and other information. In addition, the software can receive GSX opened/closed cases, as well as a device’s repair status.

Using iGSX Software a customer receives a professional tool connecting Apple GSX account to eCommerce GSM (DHRU, GSM Fusion), website or any other type of online store. Connection with Apple GSX account via API integration facilitates single-threaded or multi-threaded orders processing. iGSX Software was developed to make your work easier and generate profits for you. Official Apple GSX reports can be customized according to your needs and you can deliver it to your customers within few seconds!

Automate obtaining of Apple’s Official Report via GSX

Features of iGSX Software Include:

  • Human work imitation. This feature helps to protect your GSX account from deactivation or blocking by Apple.
  • Capacity to process orders in multi-threaded mode using as many GSX accounts as you wish.
  • Fast connection ot eCommerce GSM (DHRU, GSM Fusion, etc.), websites, repair shops or online services via integrated API.
  • Customization of GSX reports checking process will meet your and your customers’ requirements via flexible settings of iGSX system.
  • Online control panel of iGSX software provides history of all Apple GSX reports processed via your GSX account ever.

How to use iGSX Software?

Using iGSX Software is very easy! No need to have any special knowledge to start using it. iGSX development and support teams will take care of everything on their own and a customer receives configured ready-to-use product.

You can find the detailed information at iGSX Software official website:


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