Beware of Scammers!

Beware of Scammers

Oops! It doesn’t work… Why?

Have you ever faced the situation when purchased product disappoints you and doesn’t meet your expectations? It happens, as a rule, when you buy goods at non-official representatives. The same situation can be with software if you order it not at an official website.  We want to share with you some important information about scammers in this article.

We have received many complaints recently from users claiming that our software does not work and an error “Device not found” pops up. If you are getting such error message most likely you have been scammed.

Our iActivate team looked through this problem more closely and it was our duty to inform you how to avoid such error. We found out that those users who got Device Not Found issue had made MDM profile bypassing order on the third party websites which had not been our official resellers. Unfortunately, such users became victims of scammers.

Official iActivate MDM bypass software vs. fake

With our iActivate software you can easily bypass MDM profile on any iPhone or iPad, it has been tested on all Apple devices. Moreover, our software will not do harm your PC or iDevice as it can happen if you use not official version only.

iActivate MDM bypass method was developed by our team in 2016 and became a success! Since then a lot of customers recognized it as easy to use and effective application. We are very proud of our product and usually known for excellent customer service and attention to details in everything that we do. But we completely understand that our reputation is not something we should hide behind. We have already collected more than 300 positive reviews on Our team is working really hard to offer the best unlocking service and we are happy to hear that our customers have an amazing experience with iActivate software. All this builds trust and humanizes our brand which is really important, because we all know that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

iActivate Reputation

Not product only!

We care a lot about our customers and company reputation. That’s why the professional service is integral part of our work. We solve every case of our clients. How does it work? We have iActivate database and information about each order is located there (IMEI, serial number, email, transaction number).

After placing the order our customers automatically receive an invoice and authentication credentials for the personal cabinet (User Panel). In the personal cabinet, customers can check their order status and, if necessary, open a Support Ticket. We can easily check all the necessary information about the order and find out the essence of the problem. If for some reason you have failed, and our support team could not find a solution, you can be sure, that we will refund you! So anyway you won’t lose!

We want to make things right. The purpose of this article is to show you examples of how these scammers generally act when they try to scam you.

Beware of a fake sites and fake offers on Ebay

Tech-savvy scammers set up sites that look like original ones with similar logos and domain names. Or create their own websites and try to convince you that they are selling original software by publishing fake reviews and referring to our home page.

You can find many offers to order iActivate MDM Bypass Software on Ebay. But the price is very different from ours, and it makes people think: “Why should I pay more? I can buy the same product but much cheaper!”

Don’t be seduced by such offers because such sellers on Ebay are fraudulent. The only purpose is to extract money from gullible and inexperienced buyers. In the end, you will be deceived! They will not answer to your requests or complaints. Their function is just to receive money.

Beware of a fake Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages!

The popularity of social media like Facebook, micro-blogging sites like Twitter or Instagram, forums, have spawned a fresh set of scammers. How do they act? These cyber criminals create fake social network profiles by simply using the real name of the company and adding the title or a city like “iActivate Inc.” or “iActivate Los Angeles”. The profile or company page is also drawn up as close as possible to our official page.  Social fraudsters also could offer MDM bypass services from their own social profiles referring to our official website. Of course they can also offer you “discounted prices” or other benefits. In such way they make bad influence on our reputation and put you, as a customer into the risk.

How scammers typically act:

  • They are very in communication, initiate individual chat
  • Ask you to send a deposit for the private sale
  • Send you a wallet address for direct payment
  • Say you can only pay by wiring money, putting money on a gift card
  • Ask your personal information such as name, e-mail etc.
  • Try to convince you in any possible ways that they are the real admins.

What to do:

  • Do not send your funds or make payment via WU, Scrill, BTC, etc.;
  • Do not share your personal info. Your email address will be used for sending phishing emails;
  • Contact us if you hesitate providing all possible info about the seller;
  • Click on the “Report spam” button;

SCAM screenshots

We decided to share with you the screenshots that customers sent us.
Lower price can attract you. For example on Ebay there are sellers who offer iActivate MDM Bypass Software. Don’t be seduced by such offers because these sellers on Ebay are fraudulent.

fake mdm bypass on ebay

An example of communication in WhatsApp messenger, where a scammer tries to convince that he is selling an iActivate license, but his price is much lower than the official one. While using our brand, he tries to sell a fake tool.

scam whatsapp

In this case, the client ordered the MDM bypass service on the blowfish unlock website and received an email notification with instructions how to unlock his mdm device using iActivate software. User have complained to us, claiming that he can’t run our software with error identification: “Device not found”.
scam blowfish

Unfortunately, there are many such examples of fraud on the web.

WARNING! FAKE MDM Bypass Website \ Online Service

When you try to search for MDM bypass in google you can find many websites which are very similar to – the same design, graphics elements, content. WARNING! Don’t lose your time and money! All of them are fake. We value our clients and do not want them to be deceived on the Internet!

We provide only the best customer service and 100% guarantee of our software working. We provide only a 100% money-back guarantee and you can be sure that our website is always online and provides service 7/24. You can be sure that after iOS update you can use purchased software totally for free and even after a couple of years you will be able to find our web to download the software and remove MDM lock from your device.

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption on our service. Your payments are protected by Stripe. Stripe’s platform detects whether authentication is needed. If required, Stripe uses 3D Secure 2 to authenticate the customer using a one-time passcode or biometric ID, depending on what their bank supports.

Dear customers, please be careful! If you have any doubts, better to ask the official support team of iActivate Software.

Send an email directly to [email protected]

We strongly advise you to order and download iActivate Software only from our official website.

And remember, when you buy cheap you buy twice !!!


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