Guide: How to fix Configuration profile can’t be downloaded problem

Let’s picture the situation. You face a need to install MDM Configuration Profile on you iDevice but the message Profile Installation Failed appears on your device’s display for some reason. Don’t panic. This happens to iOS devices all the time and, as a rule, the solution is quite simple.

Guide: How to fix Configuration profile can't be downloaded problem

The first thing you should remember is that only one Configuration Profile can be installed on your mobile device. So, if you see the Profile Installation Failed message the issue may be that any other Configuration Profile is already installed on your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is to detect and remove other profile and then install the one you need.

Below you’ll find step-by-step manual on how to remove existing profile from you iDevice:

  1. Tap Home button, then open Settings.
  2. Go to General and scroll down to Device Management. If a Profile is already installed, you’ll see it here. In case Device Management option is not there, try to install the Profile you need again.
  3. If other Profile is there, you need to remove it. Tap the profile you see in Device Management menu.
  4. Tap Remove Management at the bottom. It may be required to enter your passcode to proceed. This depends on your device’s configuration.
  5. Tap Remove Management again. After your screen is refreshed, no profiles installed should be there. This means you accomplished your goal! Congrats!

Another reason for Configuration Profile download fail may be related to Communication Server certificate or configuration of trust chain in Control Center. This issue may appear during initial deployment or after certificate was changed. Actually, this brings us to the aforementioned issue and solution about another MDM Profile already installed. Incorrect time setting may be the other reason of the problem.

If the solutions mentioned above didn’t help, there is another option worth to try. Try to remove all apps creating file associations, like file transfer apps and so on. Try to install the required Configuration Profile again. The cause may be that Safari browser tried to open the Configuration Profile via other apps instead of installation.

These are basic reasons and solutions you may use to fix the problem configuration profile can’t be downloaded. But how can you help it if none of the aforementioned approaches works? If your device is stuck on Remote Management activation screen and configuration profile can’t be downloaded? iActivate tool is the best option.

iActivate software was developed to solve MDM related issues which come up on Apple devices quite often. It is capable to bypass any MDM configuration profile and solve configuration profile can’t be downloaded issue. Its great advantage is that iActivate software works with any iOS version, including the latest iOS13.

iActivate tool will remove or bypass MDM profile on any model of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is highly reliable and provides an instant result at an affordable price. You can use this tool more than once on your device after you buy a license if MDM issue returns after iOS upgrade.

iActivate users don’t need any special skills or knowledge. The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

iActivate Software benefits are:

  • MDM Configuration Profile removal from any Apple mobile device
  • Remove all MDM restrictions
  • Bypass Remote Management screen during device activation
  • Remove MDM/DEP profile in settings after MDM bypass
  • Ability to use each and every feature and setting you like after the activation

Considering all the highlights and benefits listed above, iActvate is the besе solution for configuration profile can’t be downloaded issue. Just download and run iActivate tool and it will let you use your iDevice in full operation and enjoy every minute of this experience!


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