How to Remove an iPhone or iPad From DEP?

Nowadays, mobile devices became an integral part of any type of activity or business. A lot of devices used in daily business activities are, or were, corporate-owned and sensitive data security are crucial for businesses and corporations. Therefore, the Device Enrollment Program or DEP was developed to allow remote configuration and restrictions establishment on business-owned devices used by employees. Major part of these devices eventually becomes employees-owned but restrictions set on them remain effective. Therefore, aftermarket is full of DEP or MDM locked devices.

Now you may ask what DEP and MDM are about. DEP facilitates device deployment and configuration for organizations and corporations. Actually, DEP is what simplifies initial devices setup via automation of their enrollment in MDM (Mobile Device Management) and supervision while setting up. To make a long story short, MDM provides remote configuration, erasing, monitoring and restrictions in regards to corporate-owned devices use for security purposes and unnotarized use prevention.

Despite the fact that major part of initially corporate-owned iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch are already owned by ex-employees, MDM profiles remain on these devices. This means that a device has to be removed from DEP and MDM profile has to be bypassed to allow its new owner to use it.

Your device is MDM locked in case its screen displays a message like these: “Enter the corporate password”, “The company will configure your iPad” or a similar message. Don’t worry, you can easily help it.

iActivate software is the best solution designed to remove a device from DEP and bypass MDM profile on any model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running any iOS version. You’ll have your Apple device restrictions free just in few minutes. Furthermore, the system is fully automated.

Just follow the steps below to Remove an iPhone or iPad From DEP on your Apple device:

  1. Make sure your iOS device is actually in DEP and has an MDM profile.
  2. Find the IMEI of your device.
  3. Place your MDM unlock order.
  4. Download iActivate software
  5. Connect your device with computer and launch iActivate.
  6. Click on Start iActivate Server button.
  7. Wait for MDM profile bypassing completion.

Just like that! No more supervision or restrictions! Your device is removed from DEP and MDM profile is bypassed.

Once you remove your device from DEP, no one can supervise or erase your device remotely. Also, they won’t know that your device was bypassed.

Important note: iActivate software doesn’t grant access to any data stored on the device prior to the bypass. Once the bypassing process is completed, you’ll have to activate your device as a brand new one. This way, iActivate software does not break confidentiality or give access to works of authorship in any fashion.


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