How to Remove Restriction Profile on iPhone & iPad?

Restriction profile is a common issue for iPhone & iPads owners whose devices used to be enrolled in the MDM program. In case, you haven’t faced a restriction profile issue before, below you’ll find everything you need to know how to remove restriction profile on iPhone and iPad.

What is iPhone & iPad restriction profile?

Apple restriction profile is a part of MDM software installed on the iPhone or iPad. MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is a tool allowing companies to remotely control, configure, supervise and monitor usage of the devices engaged in daily activities of organizations, businesses and corporations.

What is iPhone & iPad restriction profile?

MDM software can even erase or lock iOS devices remotely. It can be used for both corporate-owned and private devices within the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Restriction profile configurations for iOS may vary from company to company to meet the needs of the specific organization.

Apple profiles and Mobile Device Management

Apple profile is the component of device management installed on the iPhone or iPad itself. The management profile is what grants administrators access to and control over a device and allows data sending and remote device updates and configuration.

Apple profiles and Mobile Device Management

If you want to get rid of any kind of supervision, you should remove the iOS configuration profile from iPhone or iPad. This can be accomplished via removal or bypass of the installed profile on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to remove (delete) restriction profile on iPhone & iPad?

What to do if you cannot remove the configuration profile from iPhone and iPad? You’ll find the answer here. iActivate software will solve your problem and remove restriction profile from your Apple device.

How to remove (delete) restriction profile on iPhone & iPad?

Unremovable profile is not a problem as iActivate software was designed to disable the MDM restriction profile. It is capable to remove company restriction profile remotely and just in few minutes. It’s easy to use interface will help you to delete company profile from iPhone.

How to use iActivate Software to remove restriction profile on iPhone & iPad?

iActivate Sofware was developed for the purpose of restriction profile removal from any model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running any iOS version. You don’t need any special skills to use it. Its user-friendly interface will set your Apple device free from any restrictions just in few clicks.

iActivate Software features include:

  • Fully automated Service
  • ALL iOS versions are supported
  • ALL iOS devices are supported
  • MDM profile removal/bypassing just in few minutes

Following steps are all you need to do to use iActivate Software:

  1. Make sure your device actually has MDM profile.
  2. Find IMEI of your device.
  3. Place your MDM unlock order.
  4. Download iActivate software:
  5. Connect your device with computer and launch iActivate.
  6. Click on Start iActivate Server button.
  7. Wait for MDM profile bypass completion.

Important note: iActivate software doesn’t grant access to any data stored on the device prior to the bypass. Once the bypassing process is completed, you’ll have to activate your device as a brand new one. This way, iActivate software does not break confidentiality or give access to works of authorship in any fashion.


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