How to Uninstall iTunes and Remove Apple Software on Windows PC

Most iPhone and iPad users have iTunes desktop software installed on their computers. A lot of people who don’t have Apple iDevice also install iTunes to use it as a music player.

Is it possible to completely remove Apple software from personal computers with Windows operating system? How can you quickly get rid of all the traces this program leaves on your PC? Are you looking for the perfect iTunes uninstall tool that removes QuickTime, Bonjour, iTunes Helper and other parts of the huge iTunes product?

How to Remove iTunes from Windows PC

iTunes Uninstall Tools

The iTunes package has a lot of various features and small applications. They are all installed along with the main desktop app. The traditional uninstallation tool (when you simply remove iTunes from your PC via Windows – Programs and Features) doesn’t completely remove all parts of Apple software from your machine.

Try to launch Programs and Features menu once you uninstall iTunes manually and restart your PC. Do you see QuickTime? Is there the Bonjour app? Exactly, most of the services are still running on your computer and taking your precious hard drive space.

It can actually frustrate you if you try to uninstall iTunes the regular way and never succeed by 100 percent. You can surely try to uninstall each of the left-behind apps but parts of the services would still not disappear. It’s better to use the correct iTunes uninstaller programs to get rid of all the little extras that come with Apple software. Let’s discuss such tools and explain how everything works.

Methods to Uninstall iTunes from Windows computer

How to Remove Apple Software from PC

There is one interesting program that can remove iTunes and all components from your Windows PC. It is called Revo Uninstaller. You can use it to make sure you have deleted EVERYTHING related to iTunes Apple software.

By the way, there is no need to pay for Revo Uninstaller right away. It has the free version you can download as well as 30-day-free-trial Revo Uninstall Pro. The free program just shows you the list of all Apple programs installed on your computer. You’ll have to remove everything manually using this hint. The Pro version is what we’ll talk about now. It can delete all the software automatically.

By the way, Revo Uninstall Pro also makes a Restore Point for you. It will fix everything in case anything goes not as expected.

Revo Tool to Remove iTunes from PC

Here is how to uninstall iTunes with Revo solution:

Step 1. Backup iTunes music you have purchased. It is better to save this backup file on an external drive, in the cloud or somewhere else (choose the safest location).

Step 2. Close any application and program that is running on your Windows PC before using the uninstaller.

Step 3. Download Revo application.

Step 4. Run the tool that also opens iTunes uninstaller and lets you scan for all the registry files / settings that should be removed.

Step 5. All the files highlighted in blue color is what you have to delete. Select them one by one and click Delete.

Step 6. The leftover registry files will be present for all iTunes products so choose all of them and remove.

Remove iTunes with Everything tool for Windows computer

Remove iTunes and All Components with Everything

Unfortunately, Revo might not find all leftover entries and files so you can try to also use a second tool called Everything. It can help you catch the rest of the entries that weren’t noticed by the first program.

Everything utility can help you find all the files related to Apple on your computer. You should search for QuickTime, Apple and iPod. You’ll be surprised at all the leftovers you’ll find. Just don’t forget to delete them manually.

Show All Folders and Files on Windows PC

Step 1. Firstly go to Folder Options on your computer to choose Show Hidden Files, folders and drives. This is very important to do because you need to search the whole computer including the AppData folder which is hidden by default.

Step 2. Remember to backup Registry in order to restore the important files in case anything goes wrong.

Step 3. Search for Apple-related terms like Apple, iPhone, iPad, iTunes etc.

Delete iTunes from Windows PC guide how to

Step 4. Delete only register files you are definitely sure about. Don’t delete just everything without thinking twice.

Delete iTunes Leftover Files with CCleaner

Even once you remove the iTunes program and other Apple software from Windows computer as well as leftovers, you can use additional cleanup tools to make sure nothing is left on your PC. For example, use CCleaner which can find some registry settings that are still present even after you have successfully uninstalled iTunes.

Here is what you should do:

Step 1. Download CCleaner.

Step 2. Install the program and remember to uncheck Yahoo Toolbar if you don’t need it.

Step 3. Run CCleaner and it will remove the registry pieces.

Delete Apple Software on Windows with CCleaner

Get Rid of Unneeded Files

There are probably no programs that delete everything. So try to use Disk Cleanup or similar tools to remove what still is present on your computer.

Remove Apple Software with Disk Cleanup tool

There is also another option called ByeTunes. Its name gives you an idea what it is meant for. It can delete iTunes’ traces and other Apple program leftovers from Windows PC as well.

One more thing you can try to completely uninstall iTunes and all files that belong to Apple software is to remove Temp folder and everything that is kept inside:

Step 1. Open Start Menu on your PC.

Step 2. Enter %temp% in the computer Search field.

Step 3. Press on Enter.

Temporary Folder on Windows PC Delete Files

Step 4. Choose all the files via Ctrl + A key combination.

Step 5. Click on Delete and they will be removed completely from your system.

iTunes Uninstall Guide for Windows PC

P.S. You have noticed that it is not enough to simply uninstall iTunes when you wish to remove all its components. Use several tools and you’ll successfully get rid of all the additional files and services installed by Apple along with its desktop program for Music fans and iDevice users.

All the steps described above work for various Microsoft platforms including Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP.


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