iPhone MDM Solution Radia Endpoint Mobile Device Manager and MDM Profile Lock

It is hard to choose the best MDM solution for iPhone and iPad. The number of mobile device management tools is pretty big and it keeps growing since a lot of companies decide to protect and secure corporate information by locking mobile gadgets to MDM profile. Radia Endpoint Manager is still often called HPCA because it used to be HP Client Automation program before Accelerite’s acquisition.

Let’s look at this product and explore its features for iOS devices. Since a lot of used corporate iPhone and iPad devices are sold with MDM profile lock, we’ll also explain how you can remove MDM profile from your iDevice in the safest and quickest way possible.

Radia Endpoint for iOS

MDM profile lock is installed along with mobile device management tool. Radia Endpoint Manager is the product created by Accelerite. This solution is aimed to BYOD development, security and managing mobile gadgets at small and midsize businesses. BYOD or bring-your-own-device scenario is popular these days when employees like to take their personal gadgets to use at work.

iOS MDM Radia Endpoint manager for iPhone and iPad

Just like many other firms, Accelerite released its Radia Endpoint Manager MDM tool due to acquisition. Previously this was HPCA program. The new tool has two versions. One is SaaS release (cloud option) and the other one is on-premises tool.

Radia Endpoint manager is still being developed and improved. It doesn’t boast as many features as other popular MDM solutions for iOS devices but its price is lower compared to SOTI or AirWatch programs.

Radia Mobile Device Management Features

The on-premises option is free to download. The SaaS cloud-based option is available to users by request. It’s a paid program worth at least $2.70 per device per month.

Once you created an account and logged in you can configure users. When the user is configured you can add a mobile device. It is possible to import the .CSV file with all the users information to save your time. Devices can also be added this way. Adding multiple users and gadgets is a big plus and .CSV files give such opportunity.

iOS MDM Tool Radia Endpoint Features

Administrators who prefer enrolling new gadgets via email will have some difficulties. Sometimes the email sent has no QR code and this makes the complications to users who have to add their device to the MDM server. The link that should lead to the server page for successful enrollment also doesn’t seem to work great. You are not able to copy / paste it or edit.

iOS devices require manual management app installation and playing with Apple settings. It’s not a huge problem but it does require some extra time.

The Dashboard you’ll see when you log in is the tool homepage. Unfortunately this part of the tool is not clickable. A lot of mobile device management iOS tools have dashboards with various icons you can click on to get to features and options. This is not offered by Radia Endpoint MDM solution. This program has only one widget. It offers links to other features so you’ll have to click more than once to get to user profiles, graphic reports, groups, etc.

If you need to track your tasks you should go to Task Tracker menu where you can get such reports.
The iOS MDM profile supports geofencing and time-fencing options. This way administrators can restrict corporate device usage based on time and territory.

Radia Endpoint Mobile Device Management for iOS

You can use one of the 8 reports templates including for iDevices with blacklisted applications. All these documents have all the important information you need but you are not able to customize the canned docs. You can send a link to the report or export it as HTML document.

What can you do with iOS devices using Radia Endpoint Manager (former HPCA) tool? This program eases the process of locking the gadgets, changing passwords, wiping iPhone and iPad devices etc. All these actions can be done directly from the dashboard. You can select a phone or tablet device from the list of enrolled gadgets and lock it or even completely wipe it.

As we have already mentioned, the basic price is $2.70 per gadget (per month). If you choose the on-premises tool, the price will go up to $50 per gadget (this is the cost of tool purchase) and you’ll have to pay $11 on top of this each year.

iPhone MDM profile usually locks the phone to the mobile device managent server. It is only possible to activate such a device with corporate name and password. Sometimes activation is automatically performed by the company. But there is no way a user can unlock such a mobile device with his personal ID and password unless you have heard about MDM unlock iPhone service.

Bypass iPhone MDM Tool Radia Endpoint Manager

iPhone MDM Profile Unlock

How can you remove Radia Endpoint profile if it is installed on your iPhone or iPad? There are several methods. Firstly, you can ask the MDM administrator to unlock your phone. Secondly, you can do this yourself via distant iActivate.host service which can bypass any MDM lock on any iOS firmware and any iOS device.

The first method is permanent. If the administrator removes the gadget from the mobile device management system you’ll have a clean phone without any limitations. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to complete this task.

The second method is temporary. iActivate.host can only remove the mobile device management profile for a while. If you choose to update iOS version or restore a gadget the MDM profile lock will return. There is something you can do to avoid such issues. Back up the iPhone or iPad right after MDM profile is removed using iActivate tool and use this backup file for future updates. Restore from the backup after upgrading your software and the MDM profile will be temporary removed again.


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