Top 9 MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solutions 2017

It is easy to get lost when it comes to choosing the perfect MDM tool to protect privacy and organize your corporate network. There are so many interesting and worthy mobile device management (MDM) programs that sometimes it is easier to compare them to get an idea which one is the top MDM solution in 2017. We’ll make your choice easier.

Top MDM Solutions 2017

Quick testing of the most popular mobile device management solutions shows which tool is the safest and best for IT managers. Who doesn’t want to protect mobile devices from any possible breach and leak that could easily result in data loss? Everyone wants, that’s for sure.

It does become a challenge to select the perfect tool for corporate security. Work should be kept separately from corporate data. Should you look for MDM or MAM program? This time we’ll focus on mobile device management programs although mobile application management is also a part of enterprise mobility management system. The number of vendors is so huge that we cannot cover all available solutions in one review. Let’s pay attention to the top MDM software in 2017.

Top mobile device management solutions 2017

But before we mention all the products reviewed let’s recollect what MDM is. This acronym describes mobile device management programs that can lock gadgets to the corporate network, automatically locate them, restore the device to the original state, wipe lost phone or tablet, configure settings and protect data.

Is there a geofencing option? Can gadgets be locked with PIN? Is it possible to restrict information for users who take their personally-owned devices to work? Let’s get to mobile device management comparison. This time we’ll look at the following solutions: Citrix XenMobile, SOTI MobiControl, Microsoft Intune, IMB MaaS360, AppTec360 EMM, VMware AirWatch, TIMS, Radia Endpoint Manager and ManageEngine MDM Plus. All these programs support iOS devices.

Mobile Device Management Comparison Chart

You can take a look at the comparison chart to see the short review of all the tools mentioned above. These are the best MDM solutions 2017.

Best MDM Tools for iOS Devices in 2017

Citrix XenMobile

This program has a lot of configurations. It easily manages iOS gadgets but it could be complicated to make it work with different back-end systems besides Citrix. The tool also doesn’t use the standard CSV format so you cannot quickly import gadgets this way. Citrix is a popular EMM tool but it likes the companies to use its own Worx programs.

SOTI MobiControl

This tool offers remote control options for some operating systems but it also has some drawbacks. For example, you might experience some headache while trying to register a new device and you are not able to customize the dashboard.

The tool has great rules-based features and it offers competitive price.

Microsoft Intune

Fans of Microsoft products will love this tool even though it lacks some features. For example, you cannot locate devices and it is impossible to customize your dashboard. Users who are fans of other vendors might want to choose a different MDM solution that has more features and options.

IMB MaaS360

This is an overall nice solution with customization features and user-friendly interface. Still there could be some minor glitches when you try to enroll a new device and it is not possible to import all users in bulk if you are not using the existing directory. The price is reasonable. The MDM solution has everything needed to manage gadgets, monitor activity and analyze threats.

AppTec360 EMM

This solution has a user-friendly UI that can be customized. It could be not that simple and quick to register туц devices but there are a lot of useful features for customers. The low price and a number of great functions make this tool a perfect solution for small businesses.

VMware AirWatch

This program has a lot to offer. Its interface can be customized. It looks pretty nice although you can experience some pain while registering your device. The program is being used by a big number of customers who are satisfied with this solution.


It is easy to enroll new gadgets with Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management. Just use QR code and enjoy the procedure. The program supports geofencing.While this program is great for Apple devices it is not perfect for PC users.

Radia Endpoint Manager

This is a program that requires some improvements but definitely shows promise for future build. It lacks some options such as SaaS, but it supports geofencing and other must-have options.

ManageEngine MDM Plus

This program doesn’t support geofencing feature. Still it looks pleasing. The interface can be customized. Users get a number of features. The price is competitive and UI looks nice. It works perfectly well if you are already familiar with other ManageEngine tools.

P.S. All these programs are top MDM programs for 2017. It’s up to you which one to choose as everything depends on your goals and budget.


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