What is Apple iOS MDM (Mobile Device Management)

What is Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) MDM?

Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) device management solution helps secure and manage your Apple iOS devices through a user-friendly cloud-based console for corporate-owned and BYOD devices. Enterprises can secure their Apple iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) with a complete mobile device management solution and gain visibility & control over iPads, iPhones (corporate-owned and BYOD) as well as mobile apps and content that reside on devices and access to corporate resources and data accessed via iPhones, iPads and MacOS X endpoints.

How does iOS MDM work with Apple Configurator?

Utilizing some of the enrollment methods including Apple Configurator will allow for additional capabilities and choices to secure Apple iOS devices. Amtel MDM offers several deployment methods to suit the needs of your enterprise including Apple Mobile Configurator enrollment, giving you the control that your IT teams need.

What can IT do with Apple iOS MDM?

IT departments can utilize MDM solution to secure and manage iPhones and iPads:

  • Enforce mobile device security policies
  • Ensure mobile apps compliance to whitelist and blacklist policies
  • Remotely configure devices with Configuration Profiles
  • Share mobile content among users and groups
  • Issue emergency notification broadcasts
  • Track and control devices with GPS and Geofencing
  • Redirect internet traffic using global proxy settings
  • Allow only a single app to run on a device using Kiosk mode


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