Windows Defender – Incorrect detection iActivate Software

iActivate soft was developed to bypass MDM profile on iOS devices. It doesnt use any viruses or hacking methods to remove MDM and completely safe for your computer. But in rare cases Windows Defender Security Intelligence doesnt allow to run iActivate saying it has a virus: Trojan:Win32/Cloxer.D!cl

Dont worry, it is incorrect detection and we have already sent an application to the Microsoft to fix that issue:

Also if you will use the scanning option offered by antivirus programs you will see that its completely safe.

Here are examples from some of the most popular software like DrWeb, ESET, Kaspersy:

iActivate save MDM bypass software

iActivate Save MDM bypass Software checked by Kaspersky save software for MDM bypass

Make sure yourself that it is reliable by following the links below to check iActivate tool:

Check iActivate to see that it is completely safe for your computer. You can easily bypass the MDM profile without harming your pc or device. If Windows Defender Security Intelligence detects a virus during bypassing just continue the process without a fear to be infected.

Feel free to contact us for the help and our support team will do their best to answer your questions and assist in MDM removing process!


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Businesses around the world are using Apple DEP & Supervised Mode

iActivate Software is bypass solution for Supervised Apple MDM Devices