iOS Amtel MDM Solution: Mobile Device Management Review, Pricing and Bypass

The great choice of various EMM solutions for best Enterprise Mobility Management makes us wonder what the best MDM tool is. Modern products support various gadgets and platforms still most of them are focused on iOS and Android mobile devices. Let’s see what Amtel MDM features are great for iPhone and iPad corporate users and how you can install, use and even bypass this tool on your iDevice.

Amtel company creates software for ‘workers in field’ so it supports all mobile and embedded gadgets helping businesses manage corporate devices. Amtel MDM solution supports geofencing feature which is more common to EMM programs. At the same time, most of the options offered by Amtel to iPhone and iPad users are not exactly what EMM management requires. This company works with Apple mobile devices but you have to run Microsoft server program while using Amtel solution.

iOS Amtel MDM Tool

Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management

The Amtel MDM pricing starts at $4 per gadget (per month). This is great cost and you get enough features but there are other mobile device management solutions that offer much more at the same or higher price. The cost and list of features you receive make Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management tool for iOS devices worth checking out.

Amtel MDM for iPhone arrives with expense management. You can also use tracking feature if you select the basic software. The combination of two services works great for both small and midsize businesses. The company also combined the two spheres into its product name: Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management.

Just like other mobile device management software, you’ll have to register Apple Push Notification Service when you choose Amtel MDM for your iPhone or iPad devices. Here is how it works:

Step 1. You should upload a certificate request. This can only be done via your Apple ID.

Step 2. Now you need to create a PEM file.

Step 3. The MDM software will use your PEM file to authenticate iPhones and iPads.

The company uses Rackspace tool to run the service. You won’t have any issues while registering new devices with Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management. This program works perfectly well with QR codes so enrollment process is simplified.

Here is how enrollment scheme looks like:

Step 1. Download Amtel mobile application from your Apple Store.

Step 2. Start the application and you will see the QR code icon.

Step 3. Press on the QR icon.

Step 4. Your mobile camera will start working once you point the phone to the generated code.

Step 5. That’s it. The enrollment procedure has successfully begun.

Don’t forget to install the certificate for iPhone and iPad. This makes the process a bit longer than enrolling Android mobile devices. Still it won’t take too much of your time.

Amtel MDM iOS Device Enrolling

Amtel MDM Review

You will see the security page the first time you use the new Amtel management console. This page includes all the gadgets and their types along with the health check information for all of them. You also see Quick Links option that shows a list of icons you can click on to easily navigate to the specific option.

You can easily lock an iPhone or any other iOS device. This way the company can distantly reset password and even remotely wipe the lost or stolen mobile device. Such a feature is exclusive to Apple and Android gadgets and can be activated from the enrolled devices’ list.

The geofencing feature allows tracking all devices that are enrolled into the MDM system. This option makes it possible to control when the corporate user enters particular area or exits it. It works by tracking the actions with mobile camera and WiFi network access. Anything that can control the iPhone or iPad usage at the particular moment can ‘tell’ Amtel Mobile Device Management software administrator what is happening to the iDevice right here right now.

Besides, this tool supports the time-fencing feature just like other popular iOS MDM solutions XenMobile, MaaS360 and AirWatch.

The MDM tool by Amtel offers browser that securely controls all access to the internet for gadgets owned by the company. Administrator can configure it to the likes of the corporate culture. For example, all approved URL links can be added to the white list and all the websites that must-not-be-used at work can be added to the black list. It is possible to use other managing options to control managed gadgets such as shortcuts, bookmarks, home page by default etc.

Unfortunately, Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management doesn’t let you modify reports. You can surely filter the data criteria and select your preferred format from .CSV, PDF, XML and other files and schedule reports but file modifications are not available.

Still the price of $4 is not that high for such an interesting Mobile Device Management software. It can also be lowed down to $2 per device per month if you select the basic option. Even such extremely low cost will include geolocation, data management and security.

iPhone Bypass Amtel MDM Profile Lock

Amtel MDM Bypass

Do you have MDM lock on iPhone? Is the phone enrolled with Amtel Mobile Device Management tool? How can you bypass your MDM profile if you have the corporate gadget owned by you? is the safe and simple fix to your problems. This program can easily bypass MDM lock on any iPhone model, any iPad and any iOS firmware version. For example, you can use tool to bypass Amtel Telecom and Mobile Management profile lock on iPhone 8, 7, 6s running iOS 11, 10, 9 etc.

This tool can be downloaded and used 24/7. You will get instant bypass without being dependent on the support team. All you need is the iDevice with MDM lock and internet connection. Run the program along with iTunes and remove the mobile device management profile to personally use the gadget without company’s control.

Create a back up file of the bypassed iDevice to use in the future. You can restore from this backup when you decide to update your iOS version or restore the phone.


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