Apple DEP (Apple Remote Management) – Invalid Profile Download Error

Users dealing with Apple devices which are currently, or were, enrolled in Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) may face MDM invalid profile issues: “The configuration for your iPhone or iPad could not be downloaded. The Configuration profile is not available“. The reason why this issue pops up is that an iPhone or iPad used to be organization-owned and enrolled in Apple remote management or MDM program.

Apple DEP (Apple Remote Management) – Invalid Profile download

DEP Invalid Profile – Error message: remote management configuration could not be downloaded

If you ever came up against a situation when iPad or iPhone could not be activated because the activation information was invalid, the chances are that the profile installation problem was the root of the issue. In other words, while you are trying to activate your iPhone or iPad, it sends an authorization token to Apple server. If the server returned an invalid response, this means something is wrong with the profile installed on your device.

There may be a number of reasons why you get remote management invalid profile notification. Here are some of them. Only one profile can be installed on a device. So, if you tried to install a profile and get error notification, it is quite possible that another profile is already installed on your iPhone or iPad. Changes made in the certificate may become another cause of the DEP invalid profile issue. Whatever issue caused invalid profile problem, it can be solved with iActivate software. But first, let’s find out more about DEP itself.

What is Apple Deployment Program?

Apple’s Deployment Program or Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a tool facilitating easy and seamless remote deployment and configuration of corporate-owned Apple devices. DEP allows companies to make initial setups of the devices as simple as possible. DEP automates Apple devices enrollment in mobile device management or MDM programs. This way, companies can perform zero-touch data configuration and required restrictions setting on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs owned by a company.

Any Apple device added to DEP will be automatically enrolled in MDM and configuration profile will be installed to grant IT departments access to the devices. An administrator can even remotely lock or erase any device enrolled.

Though DEP and MDM sound like a serious issue, iActivate Software is capable to cope with invalid profile problem, as well as to set your Apple device free from any supervision and restrictions by removing your device from DEP.

How Can You Remove Device from Apple DEP and fix Invalid Profile downloaded issue?

As was said above, there is a way to remove Apple device from DEP. iActivate Software is the best and reliable solution designed to solve this issue via configuration profile bypass/removal. This tool will also remove remote management invalid profile problem.

The software is very easy to use. iActivate Software is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch model and any iOS version. You’ll have your device activated and removed from Apple DEP just in few minutes.

The procedure is fully automated and all you need to do is following very simple step-by-step guide below:

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad actually has an MDM company profile;
  • Find IMEI of your device;
  • Place your MDM unlock order;
  • Download iActivate software;
  • Connect your device with computer and launch iActivate;
  • Click on Start button;
  • Wait for MDM profile bypassing completion.

Once the bypass process is completed, the MDM profile will be removed from the Apple device and you can use it in a regular mode.

Important note: iActivate software doesn’t grant access to any data stored on the device prior the bypass. Once bypassing process is completed, you’ll have to activate your device as brand new one. This way, iActivate software does not break confidentiality or give access to works of authorship in any fashion.


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